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Bet Assistant is an online platform for sports gamblers. Our objective is to help you increase your long term profitability by centralizing information, statistics and offering suitable tools for gamblers.

A recurrent assessment...

Whatever your method of betting, you need information : historic data, data on bookmakers, statistics, news… In the best cases, you managedto outline and use this data in sizeable Excel files with numerous lines and columns. You may even have reached the end of Excel with your 15 years of historical data! The problem? The slowness of calculation of Excel files, updating this data is done by hand and might require research on several websites to find the wanted data formatted as you wish.

Our solution ?

Another website showcasing statistics? Yes, but not exclusively. What's more, this oneis customizable! On pages about matches, teams, competitions, you can decide how you want the information to be displayed. Not interested by the exact scores of the matches? Hide it!The repartition of goals by half-time is important to you? Display this information at the top of the page! For every analysis that you do you will find the information you want instantly because you customized it.

Optimize your strategies

Several functionalities are underway. These will allow you to test your strategieson the historic data we currently have available. You will be able to make "blank bets" newstrategies to assess their effectiveness. Save quickly and with ease every bet you make and analyse them with automatized assessments with high-performance personalized indicators

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Collected data


Historic data

  • Football : 636 competitions with 10 years of history for the major championships

  • Basketball : 116 competitions (to come)

  • Baseball : to come

Championship cup

Statistics about matches / teams

  • Number of goals, corners, yellow/red cards …

  • Number of shots, shots on target …

  • Statistics at half-time, quarter-times, end of the match …

  • Best scorers, best passers …

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Prediction data

  • Does the term "Expected goals" rings a bell? We gather them for the 4 big europeans championships!

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  • Official websites

  • Facebook page

  • Twitter account

Graphs Bookmakers

Bookmakers data

  • We are also interconnected with the data (odds) of the bookmakers which results in obtaining important information to decide if a bet is worth it or not

Your strategies and analyses

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Your automatized assessments

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Bet Assistant is an online platform designed for sport gambler.

Our objective is to help you to increase your profitability over the long term by centralizing information, statistics and by offering you tools adapted to gambler.

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