Why use an analysis frame to bet?

If you bet instinctively, you should know that this is not a winning method on the long run. Conversely, experienced bettors use precise methods that allow them to detect bookmaker errors: valuebets .
To detect a valuebet, you have to estimate the probabilities of the bet you want to make and compare them to those of the bookmakers. But how exactly? Thanks to an analysis frame that you apply to each game you want to bet on.
This frame will allow you to analyze all the games in the same way and not only to be guided by “your feeling”, but by precise and unprocessed information.
Besides, thanks to our analysis frame tool, you will save a lot of time because information is collected and displayed for you, in your way and on one and unique screen! No need to navigate between 2, 3 or even 4 tabs of your browser.
To help you get started with this tool, we have created 3 default frames. Now look for your first match to analyze:

How does the Bet Assistant analysis frame work?

Select the market image

1. Indicates the market

Select the market you want to bet on.
Select statistics image

2. Select statistics

List and configure the statistics and information you want to compare and analyze.
Analyze game image

3. Analyze the game

Determine the odds for each bet outcome and find out the associated odds.
Idetify valuebets image

4. Identifies valuebets

Compare your odds against bookmakers' ones and identify valuebets in the blink of an eye.

Bet Assistant is an online platform designed for sport gambler.

Our objective is to help you to increase your profitability over the long term by centralizing information, statistics and by offering you tools adapted to gambler.

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