Why use a strategy maker for your sports betting?

How do you choose the games you're going to bet on? Are you looking at the games of the day list and select them randomly? Or do you have a clear method based on precise criteria?
If you want to be a winner in the long term, you must have a methodology to bet ( thanks to the analysis frames ) but you must also choose carefully which games to bet on.
Obtain the data (game result, statistics calculations, etc.) and store them to identifying the right games can take a long time. Besides, you are not immune from an entry error! And unfortunately, you won't know if this selection would have been a winner on the past data.
Thanks to our strategy creator, you will be able to solve these two problems and you will even be able to be alerted as soon as a game corresponds to the strategy 😊.
In just 4 quick and easy steps, you'll find out if your selection of games would have been winning. If not, or if you want to improve your strategy, you can refine your selection and see the impact of a game selection filter on the wins you could have made! You can therefore, effortlessly and without complexity, find winning strategies!
Best of all, you'll be able to be alerted as soon as an upcoming game matches your strategy! No more wasting time or effort to make your selection of games, you set your criteria and we do everything for you! Interesting, isn't it?

How does the strategy builder work?

Bet to play image

1. Indicates the bet to play

Choose the market and the outcome you want to bet for each game: home victory, under 2.5 goals, draw at half-time, etc.
Select competitions image

2. Select competitions

List all the competitions on which you want to test the strategy.
Configure filter image

3. Configure filters

Select only the teams that have statistics with precise values.
Image résultat

4. Look at the result

Thanks to the indicators calculated for you, you know if the strategy has been successful in the past.Request to receive alerts when a new game is detected

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Our objective is to help you to increase your profitability over the long term by centralizing information, statistics and by offering you tools adapted to gambler.

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